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At my wits end


need a lot of help right now -losing my mind
i really need a lot of help right now, i am very afraid and worried.
i dont know what to do. i am seeking counsling. i have been alone
a long long time and made the mistake of trying an online dating
service and emailed the wrong person. he is a creep and he now
knows who i am so that is scary. also my son, my only family is
planning on taking a job far away from me, and since he is 24 i
understand that, but it still is hard. he is not planning on moving to
a good area and is really not taking on a good job, he just wants to
be near his freinds, and i understand that too. once he moves i will
be living alone, and coming home to a cold dark apartment isnt fun.
i am so lonely i cant stand it. i do have some good girlfreinds, but
they really are not enough. please pray for protection and comfort
for myself and protection and wisdom for my son. and please ask
god to send me some more freinds good people who i can feel
support from. i just feel so in the dark now. i really am at my wits
end. and i can just only pray. thank you so much.


Dear friend,

Thank you for writing. We are a team dedicated to answering email and 
praying for people. Hopefully others in the group will write you also.

Above all else I am convinced that we can never find what we need in 
life until we have given ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ. We were 
designed to live in a relationship with God--a relationship that 
takes precedence over all other relationships.

You have not mentioned anything about your faith? I want to make sure 
you consider the depth of your relationship with God first and 

Often God puts us into difficult situations in order to get our 
attention! This is because He loves us so much and wants to help us. 
ALL of the circumstances in our lives are controlled by God--He has 
not lost touch with anything going on in our lives.

I have also learned the importance of Christians hanging out 
together! We need one another as members of God's family. We never do 
well when we are isolated from other believers. Can you find some 
friends to pray with? Is your counselor a Christian? Do you have a 
good church home?

When we are certain of God's love and our relationship with Him, we 
never need to feel alone, or lost, or helpless. In  difficult times I 
find the Psalms are very helpful.  Also, can you start thanking God 
for the good things in your life, so that you can see that He has 
been good to you all your life in spite of this current hard time?