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Thanks for PBC articles


Hey there!

It took me awhile to think of whether or not to write you at first, 
as I blankly, no doubt, stared at your email address, posted on your 
I must say that I read an art. out of (What I'm guessing your late 
husband's, excuse my blonde-moment if I am wrong (What it IS to be 
one!)), and it happened to be one that I don't know, really, how I 
came upon it.
It started when I just typed "Why does it hurt so much?" into the 
MSN searcher, something, maybe just came over me. Because I started 
thinking, "Gee, now that I think about it, it's kinda how I feel, 
hurting, over something....." and I knew what it was, but it was 
like I couldn't exactly place it. So, I looked at the menu of 
selections I was guessing were "related" sites, and indeed, the very 
first one read n CAPS, "WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH?" Well, me being 
shocked sillily, stated, "Gee! THAT WAS FAST!!!" After a click I was 
at one of your late husband's art. or writings if you may, on 2 Cor. 
Paul letter's to the Church he founded (Not to mention I learned 
more in that then I do in a week in World History class when we 
worked on Christianity! Funy?) So, I read the whole art. and, I must 
admit, as mush of a Christian I am indeed, I'm STILL a fifth teen 
year old girl! laughing out loud there! And, the art. was indeed a 
little long. But then again, came that annoying little pesky voice 
inside my head, "Finish the whole thing!"
And was I sure glad I did, because the art. had to do with the same 
crisis I was facing, Stubbornness.
The strange thing was, when I was finished (ANd thinking while 
reading the Art.) was that I wanted to email this person, whoever 
wrote this, and thank them! Talk about an answer from God The Divine 

So I guess, with all due respects to your late husband, I thank you 
for letting that Art. be there in your library so that a 
struggling-with-faith-every-breath teenager like me may have 
stumbled across it!

See! Not ALL teenagers are stobborn about telling someone how they 
feel! It looks like this letter (r email if you prefer) is MY 
first-daily-step to seeing past my own!

Sorry for the grammer mistakes! I HATE English!

Love and God Bless,


Good morning,

New Year's greetings to you.  I am so pleased you decided to write 
me!  It was a *good* blonde moment!  You are right again in assuming 
I am Ray Stedman's widow. Actually he hadn't a hint he would continue 
teaching and preaching worldwide even after he left us for his true 
home.  It was the inspiration of some men who deeply appreciated him 
as a person as well as their teacher to create the web page.  And now 
you have found it, along with something like 19,000 others 
who are served by it each day.

I just want you to know that you are important to me.  I have eleven 
grandchildren, among them a 15-year-old girl, and since she lives 
just around the corner from me I have the privilege of watching her 
struggle with the particular pains and pleasures of being a teenager. 
It is a very important time of life, a time to form good habits of 
thinking and behavior that will serve you well in whatever time lies 
ahead for you.

In my opinion, you express yourself very well.  I especially 
appreciate your honesty!  The Bible is an honest Book.  God tells it 
like it is.  And we can receive His Truth and Love when we are 
willing to be honest about our struggles, our needs, our questions 
about life.  God knows us--that should not surprise us, since He is 
our Creator.  He made us for a Love-relationship with Him, and the 
more we open ourselves to His revealed Truth the more we realize how 
rich and satisfying is His Love for us.

Honestly, I don't know anyone who is not stubborn.  The Bible 
describes us as sheep who stubbornly go our own way, and have to be 
pursued and rescued by the Shepherd.  Isn't that a good picture of 
all of us?  It describes me as well as you.  Are you familiar with 
Psalm 23?  It is a very personal psalm for me, as it has been and is 
for so many.

I hope you will continue to read my husband's articles.  I think 
after awhile they will not seem so long.  You must be a good reader. 
That is such a good attribute, one that will keep you learning and 
growing.  The Bible is a powerful book--life-changing.  It will put 
you on track to becoming a truly beautiful person who is helpful and 
encouraging to others as we journey together on planet Earth.  I am 
one of a small team of volunteers who respond to e-mails.  The rest 
of the team is wiser and smarter, a college professor, a scientist, 
an artist, a chemist, etc.  I am just a grandmother.  But we all love 
Jesus, and if we can help you that is what we are all about.

Do keep up your pursuit of God, and know that at the same time He is 
pursuing you!  Feel free to write any time.

In Christ's amazing Love,