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Needing money (2)


Dear, Sir/ Madam,

I'm a 21-old impious student, and  I have a question
for You: If I confess that Jesus is my Grand Master
and My saviour of life, what will I get as the benefit
for this time?, or in practical, will I have an extra
some amount of money, say, 6 billion rupiahs on my
saving account added for it?
Because, for this moment, I need some money for
helping my parents medical purpose....
My saving account number in Indonesian Rupiah is
381.036.9921 (Bank Bali indonesia, Banceuy branch). 
I wait for Your answer, soonly, and My respect and
honour for Jesus Christ, or should I ask this question
to Lucifer or something like that? Thank You very
and Good by-now.

Respectfully Yours,


Dear friend,

Your email is interesting and straight to the point. I am impressed 
by your directness.

Yes, Jesus Christ loves you very much. He very much desires to have a 
personal relationship with you. In order for this to happen you only 
need to grant Him permission to enter your heart as Lord and Master.

The first result will be a sense of peace and purpose. You will soon 
sense that your sins are gone, that shame and guilt in your heart 
have been dealt with by the blood of Jesus. (All of us are 
undeserving sinners). You will discover the loving care of a Father 
who will begin to teach you and guide you. None of us merits this 
kind of treatment from God--He is full of mercy and compassion for us.

In this present life God does not ordinarily make us rich men in the 
world's meaning of the word "rich." The main rewards and benefits of 
following Jesus are sent on ahead and will catch up with us in the 
next life.

The Bible talks about the "unsearchable riches of Christ." This 
expression refers to the great spiritual treasures Jesus shares with 
all His people from the moment they put their faith and trust in Him.

However God does take care of His own day by day, supplying our real 
needs and making our lives full and exciting. Because Jesus desires a 
personal one-on-one friendship with you it is impossible to predict 
ahead of time how God will bless you and what will happen when you 
trust Him. You will soon have new friends and many pleasant 
surprises. God will answer your prayers, but in His own time and His 
own way.

It is said of people who are not yet followers of Jesus that they are 
"without God and without hope" in this present life. The free gift of 
God is everlasting life, purpose, meaning and fulfillment.  This is 
the path that will lead you to wholeness and freedom.

I would be happy to be your friend of course--and if you decide to 
follow Jesus then we are fellow-travellers on a common journey and 
naturally I would like to give you any possible encouragement.