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Church need funds


Church Benevolence
Greetings In Christ Jesus,
Thank you for your consideration and insight on the following topic. It 
has been my understanding that the scriptures teach that we should 
execute acts of benevolence to those in need. It has also been my 
understanding that in the Scriptures, especially those in the New 
Testament, the model given was as far as Church funds were to be 
utilized for the saints, or fellow christians. I also have been under 
the understanding that there is a distinction between individual giving 
and use of the church treasury. There has come a division in thought 
between some in the body i serve as to whatthe scriptures teach in this 
regard. Any insight you can add to help us to better understand the 
scriptures would be greatly appreciated. Specifically, should the church 
treasury benevolence fund be open to be members first, all believers in 
general, and not to unbelievers, or should it be on an open and equal 
basis to any who ask, regardless of their beliefs. Thank you.
In His service


There is nothing in the New Testament that I know of which supports 
the idea of a "church treasury." The NT tells us to give weekly, 
according to how much God has blessed us. We should pray and give to 
the needs God makes us aware of--and not necessarily delegate our 
giving to a board of elders or business-managers at church to spend 
as they wish.

Human tradition has intruded into this area of church life and is 
deeply entrenched these days. There are wide variations as to how 
churches budget and spend their money these days--every church seems 
to do this differently.

Under the Law of Moses, the Levitical priests were supported by the 
people's mandatory tithing and it was their job to repair the temple 
and give aid to the poor, etc. See http://ldolphin.org/tithing.html

Churches certainly can of course have a paid central staff--gifted 
men and women to equip the saints for their work of the ministry and 
to build up the body of Christ, and these folks deserve our financial 
support. (Ephesians 4)

In practice many churches do have a need fund--some discretionary 
funds for pastors to use to help widows, those out of work, people 
with medical problems or unusual expenses etc.

In my opinion, most "benevolent" giving should probably come from the 
congregation as individuals or through gifts that are designated.

I am in favor of the spending power residing with the people. When 
giving is thoughtful, prayerful and individual, it is much more 
rewarding. If the church pastors are living off the fat of the land, 
I would refrain from putting money in the offering plate myself, and 
divert it to other purposes as the Spirit leads.

You may well hear from someone else on our team. Thanks for writing.