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Sin unto death


If I may intrude upon your peace once again, I need some help
understanding the reference to the phrase "there is a sin unto death."
Logic tells me that if there is a sin unto death, then there must be a sin
not unto death.

If you can find the time, please email a simply anser to this dilemma of
mine.  The sin that doesn't bring death is a sin of ignorance, for the
blood of Jesus avails for this sin (I John 1:7). The sin that does bring
death is a sin committed willfully (Hebrews 10:26).

Am I off-base on this one?  Please, help me to get my thinking in-line
with that of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you very much.

Yours in Christ


Some years ago Ray Stedman taught on the topic of "the sin unto 
death" in his series on First John. I extracted the section on this 
topic and added it to an article I wrote on "Deliberate Sin". You 
will find it on my web site:


In summary, some sins, for a particular individual, cut short that 
person's life span. It is not one special type of sin that Scripture 
has in mind as I understand it.

See if Ray's discussion is helpful and do feel free to write back. I 
am sharing this with our Paraclete team so you may hear from more 
than one of us.

May God be with you,