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September 11 and prophecy


Thank you very much for your prompt reply.  I am a Christian and 
believe everything you sent to me.  However you did not say or even 
make it very clear to me just what your idea is for this fitting 
into our present day time.  I have read books on prophecy and those 
I have read seem to fall in line with just what you have written 
however they have their opinion of a sequence of how it is going to 
occur .  Given that it is even hard for me to fathom it out for 
myself as some seems out of sequence according to how I study the 
Bible.  Most of what I get out of it though appears that our "end of 
the age" is very few years down the road.  Of course many things 
have to take place in/with Israel before this occurs and I believe a 
lot of this might happen very fast. (Berlin wall coming down).   Do 
you think this tradegy is the beginning of WWIII and then the 
     I am 71 years of age and have seen much in my lifetime and 
anxiously awaiting the Rapture of the Church.
     I appreciate all you have written and the links which you 
offered to visit.  I will definitely study them.
     Thank you again.


I do not think recent events in America necessarily fit into Bible 
prophecy at all. Bible prophecy concerns Israel and the nations 
immediately surrounding her. Matthew 25 tells us that the entire age 
(the past 2000 years) would be filled with wars, earthquakes, 
famines, etc.. These are just part of the way the world is.

The most we can say is that stage is being set for the end time.

I am 69 and have seen a lot in my lifetime as you have!

I believe the Rapture will be the next event on God's prophetic calendar.

I have received a lot of crazy email from people who are trying to 
fit the World Trade Center disasters into Daniel or Revelation. None 
of these wild scenarios make any sense at all.

God bless you!