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Revival today


I was wondering if you have any articles / educated opinions regarding all
of the Revival activities these days? I have read on both sides of this
fence and still have yet to come to my own conclusions.

One side says these Brownsville/Toronto type things are of the enemy,
designed to lead us astray and into an apostate religious system
(Mystery/Babylon) and eventually fall sway to the Antichrist. The other side
says this is Joel's vision of the  "dreams and visions - outpouring of the
Holy Spirit"  with signs and wonders following - leading up to a great End
Time Harvest of souls before the Second Coming of Christ.

Both, naturally, use Scripture to back their claims. Both sides have their
rabid proponents as well as very rational supporters.

Care to toss your two-cents in? ;-)

Sincerely and very much grateful for your huge online collection of


Jesus said, "When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on the earth?"

The church at the end of the age will be weak and apostate. I do not 
believe there will be a great "world-wide revival" at the end of the 
church age as some Pentecostals claim.

What matters most is the quality of life among the remnant of true 
believers within the professing church.


God does send "times of refreshing" on his church, and there have 
been real revivals down through history.

 From what I have read, a genuine revival is accompanied by much deep 
repentance for sin, lots of mending of broken relationships, and 
making amends for past sins when possible. Or, a "revival" might just 
be a large number of people in an area becoming Christians in a 
relatively short period of time.

I have not had any first-hand experience with the Brownsville or 
Toronto "revivals." I believe Hank Hannegraaf considers them totally 
false. I approach these movements with great skepticism myself.

I'll pass your email along to the great team of men and women I work 
with in answering email. One or more of them may have helpful 
comments for you.