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When will the rapture be?


I was wondering, do you believe in Pre, mid, or post tribulation 
rapture and why? I was hoping for some references. I decided to use 
logic because I wasn't totally sure on the answer. I thought, what 
logic would there be in taking the church home right before the 
glorious appearing, discounting post-Tribulation rapture, and it 
also says that there will be a great persecution of the Church, 
discounting mid-Tribulation rapture. So there must be a Church to 
persecute. Plus, there was something in 1 Thess. 5. It was like 
something in-between verse 5 and 10, I think. Any info on that I 
would appreciate. The one other thing was, what is the place of a 
women in the world? Are there books? What are they? Thanks.
Merry Christmas. 


Two and a half years ago my friend and I wrote a book on 
Bible Prophecy, "Thy Kingdom Come..." which is free and online,


Our concern at the time was the sea of confusion regarding the end of 
the age. It has gotten much worse in recent months in my opinion. 
Every crackpot and self-appointed expert you can imagine is voicing 
his (or her) "authoritative" positions on prophecy on Internet these 

In my judgment, one can not develop sound eschatology without knowing 
the whole Bible and having an overall Christian world-view--which 
many people lack nowadays.

There is great persecution of the church today in many parts of the 
world, and as the Olivet Discourse warns, this is an age of 
increasing deception springing from both secular and religious 

See if our book is helpful. My mentor, the late Ray C. Stedman, had 
great insights into the Bible and I am sure you will find what he 
wrote edifying.


Women certainly are part of the ministry, subject, I believe only to 
the guidelines of male headship which spring from the created order 
of things.

See http://www.pbc.org/leadership for some papers on this.

Good books in the Christian books stores leave much to be desired these days!