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Witnessing to muslims


How can I go about proving the Holy Spirit is the Paraclete to come,
and not Mohammad, to a Muslim?


Thank you for writing the Paraclete Forum. Several of us may reply to
your inquiry, since we are a team working together.

Muslims believe in one God only, and that God is Allah. They do not
welcome our concept of God being three Persons but one God.

In my opinion, the best approach is to keep the discussion centered
on Jesus, His life, His claims, His teachings. Muslims already accept
the idea that Jesus was a prophet and often you can build on that by
quoting from the Old and New Testaments to show that Jesus is more
than a prophet. Islam has no solution for sin and that is a big weak
point in their religion.

A friend of mine has written an introductory article, "Understanding
Islam," to help Christians know some basics about this religion. See

The Web site "Answering Islam" is an outstanding apologetics site.
http://answering-islam.org/. You'll find lots of good information there.



I can't thank you enough, I want so bad to be able to reach these 
people without being offensive.....and seems like every other thing I 
say to them, they get so defensive they won't listen. I will by all 
means read these sites you have sent, and put some study time in it. 
May God be praised for raising up men like yourself, willing to give 
of there time to help someone like me.
Have a most blessed Christmas!!