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Deception of Mohammed


By faith, I know that our Heavenly Father has everything all planned
according to His purpose, so I am wondering if Satan had to do
something when he realized that Jesus had overcome everything by
defeating death.  As a result,  everyone who believes in Jesus Christ
and accepts Him as his or her Personal Savior would be readily be
attacked by Satan.  The Apostle Paul whom you have mentioned in one
of your articles on Islam said that Satan is the angel of light who
is the deceiver, so I am wondering if the Evil One deceived Mohammed
by pretending that he is the angel Gabriel.  Would Satan have planned
to have Islam be created to combat Judaism and Christianity?  I am
asking because Islam was created in 622 A.D./C.E. which would be more
than several years removed from the beginning of Christianity.  That
was something that had been on my mind for a long time.


I believe you are correct that Mohammed certainly was deceived by
Satan.  The beginning of Islam was born of violence and the hatred
toward Israel is in keeping with Satan's main theme.  The current wave
of violence towards Israel and Christians fits with Rev. 12:12 "the
devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing he only a
short time".  Christ listed "false christ's and false prophets" as
major indicators of His coming. (Matt 24:11) Even though we have
always had these, Mohammed and a few others are very pronounced and
influencial in current world affairs.   "Mohammed", according to Bin
Laden and most Islamic countries,is at war with the main enemy
"Israel".  It is important that the U.S. remains a supporter  of 
Israel in that it is a biblical curse or blessing, depending on our
position.  Gen 12:3