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Homosexual (Born that way?)


I have a friend who has this problem, and he's really confused. He 
is puzzled as to how is it fair, that the bible speaks against 
homosexuality, yet he was born with this sexual orientation, how can 
this be fair?
Anyway, the main concern here is to help him out, was just wondering 
if you could advice me or help to provide an answer to this 
His bottom line confusion was that how is it that his feelings are 
naturally opposed to what the bible expects of us to live as holy 
people, which is to abstain from any form of homosexuality in our 

first response

Your friend is mistaken. He was not "born that way." This kind of lie 
is spread by the gay community and it is completely false. There are 
certain predisposing factors which make some men more vulnerable than 
others, but that is only one factor in the equation. Many thousands 
of homosexuals come to know Jesus Christ on a regular basis and are 
made new--just like all other varieties of sinners are made new in 

See if your friend will read the following article on my web site, 
"Jesus and the homosexual",


and tell him to write.

Every Christian has a cross to carry--we are all born deeply sinful, 
so your friend is no worse off than any other of the fallen sons of 
our father Adam.


second response

Your friend's premise that "God made him that way" is faulty.  But beyond 
that there is a more fundamental level to discuss this topic on.  We are 
born with a nature that loves sin.  Paul wrote: "nothing good dwells in me, 
that is, in my flesh" (Rom 7:18). We, like Paul, have really no choice but 
to sin.  But is this unfair?  Consider Adam and Eve.  They were created 
without knowing sin.  Yet they were confronted with the choice to remain in 
a state of sinlessness or not.  We, on the other hand, are confronted with 
the choice to remain in a state of sin or not. And this is the point - we 
choose our relationship with God.  That includes those who originate in a 
state of sinlessness (i.e., Adam & Eve) or those who originate in 
a state of sin (you, me, and your friend - along with the rest of humanity 
since Adam).  It is all a matter of each of us being given a choice as to 
where we want to be and not where we started from.  We are confronted with 
this choice in the person of Christ.  We can choose life or death.  The path
that leads to death is alluring so it is not an easy choice.  But then 
again, it was not meant to be an "easy" choice.

Your servant in Christ,