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Why doesn't God forgive satan?


Jesus teaches us to love our enamies, do good to those who despise you.
A question was posted.If God is all Loving and forgiving. Why doesn't
God forgive Satan? Why didn't he forgive Adam & Eve?
Thank you.

first response

God did forgive and restore Adam and Eve. This is clear from the 
account in Genesis where God sought them out after the Fall.

http://pbc.org/dp/stedman/genesis is helpful.

The angels are created spirits and are not offered salvation. 
Salvation is only offered to Adam and his descendants. This is 
discussed in the opening chapters of Hebrews. The Son of God became a 
man to redeem OUR race, not the angels.

God forgives and saves people only if they are willing to be forgiven.

second response

God is willing to forgive anyone.  But this requires that one requests it: 
"ask and you will receive."  Satan and his crew of fallen angels are in a 
position where they will not request it and God knows it and they know it.  
God's dealings with the angels is not an area well explained to us so we 
don't know all the details.  We know the fate of Satan and the fallen angels

so we assume that they are in a position where they will not request 
forgiveness.  Human's have a different situation so that all who request 
forgiveness from God will recieve it.