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Prophecy of destruction of Damascus


Ok,  I have read David Dolan's book called _Israel in Crisis: What
Lies Ahead?"  Somewhere on page 83 or 84 of his book, he was
discussing Psalms 83 and also Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27.  I
believe there are other verses such as Amos 1 related to Damascus.  I
understood that what has been said in Isaiah 17 concerning the oracle
of Damascus would take place.  I did pose this to someone else and
got a response that it has been fulfilled.  However, according to
David Dolan,  it has not been literally fulfilled.  According to the
late Ray C. Stedman in his commentary on "Why Do the Nations Rage?",
he wrote, "the infallible Word of God says that Damascus, a large and
very old city, ultimately will be destroyed. We are not told how or
when this will happen but it will happen, as the Word of God
declares."  This is from:


My question is:

Is the several verses of Isaiah 17 literally unfufilled?  I have read
that several historians have not had any evidence of Damascus being
oblierated or annihilated as of yet.  I am asking because Isaiah 17
has been on my mind lately after following the current events in the
Middle East.


Isaiah 17:1,  "An oracle concerning Damascus. Behold, Damascus will 
cease to be a city, and will become a heap of ruins,"  has never been 
fulfilled. Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world and has 
never yet been levelled to the ground. This is a prophecy which could 
be fulfilled at any time, or certainly before the second coming of 
Jesus. We do not know how.

Very many verses in the prophets were partially fulfilled in the 
times they were written, but a  greater long term fulfillment for 
huge sections of the prophets is still waiting to happen. If you read 
the Old Testament with this in mind all sorts of things will leap 
out of the page at you.