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Cloning and satan


Thank you for your very helpful and insightful website.

I am a Sunday school teacher for 10 years ministering to 12-15 year 
olds and have found your notes on ETs and UFO very relevant for them 
to know what the Bible says on these things.

Recently the biggest concern the kids are preoccupied with is the 
birth of "eve" by the Railians.

Clearly the association that the Railians have with ETs and UFOs 
gives support that we are living near end times and that many of 
these false prophets and teachings will abound. Worst thing is their 
claim that the resurrection fo Jesus was attributable to Alienas who 
did a DNA clone of Jesus - How wrong can they be since they believ 
that you could clone a person in 3 days and they will bear the scars 
of the Cross!!

Do you have any material of essays that put some light into cloning 
and what it means if the Devil and his minions succeed in pushing 
for a cloned person?



Thank you for writing.

On subjects where the Bible is silent I have always believed we ought 
not to speculate too much. We are told nothing in Scripture about 
possible life on other planets.

Indeed the earth seems to be a very important, and unique, place. We 
are the visited planet. It was here God became a man and a member of 
Adam's race. Jesus came to to redeem mankind--not the angels or other 
beings. It is planet earth where Jesus will sit on the throne of His 
father David, restoring man to his original place as God's steward 
over creation--and so on.

There are of course numerous angels, good and evil. I have felt for 
some time that some UFO and reported alien-abduction experiences are 
the result of angelic activity--probably fallen angels  But I really 
don't know.

I do believe an "intermarriage" of fallen angels and human women 
resulted in races of giants before and just after the Flood of Noah 
(the Nephilim and Rephaim, etc., may have been the demigods of old). 
Genesis 6 is controversial, so I have included a commentary by 6 
scholars on this topic on my web site: 

There are a few Bible scholars today who have suggested that "the 
seed of the serpent" in Genesis 3:14-15 may ultimately be a 
genetically modified man, not merely a man possessed fully by Satan. 
In "antichrists" like Hitler, one sees a man who was initially quite 
ordinary in influence. But he became increasingly demonized and 
possessed by evil as his life moved on. Will THE final man of sin, 
the first beast of Revelation Chapter 13,  merely be another man 
given over fully to evil, or will he live in a diabolically 
engineered in body as well?  I don't think one can be dogmatic one 
way or another about this.

Reports on successful human cloning will probably increase in the 
days ahead but I think we need to wait for actual proof. Cloning in 
animals is, I understand, only successful about 2% of the time.

I don't think we can take UFOs, cloning, alien-abductions as "signs 
of the end of the age." I believe they are instead "signs of the 
age"--signs of the entire time period between the Two Advents, 

During the age in which we now live, God is apparently allowing evil 
in man to run its full course. So all sorts of previously imaginable 
evil in men may arise before the Lord's intervention on "The Day of 
the Lord."

I prefer to just teach what the Bible actually says--that always 
gives us plenty to talk about. The theme of the Bible constantly 
narrows on the path and plan for our salvation and the important 
things we should no to be prepared for the coming Kingdom of God on 
earth. When we are with the Lord I am sure He will answer our many 
other questions.