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  We have served in our church for 30 years. I have been a lay minister and
still preach occasionally. However, we struggle with the issue of doctrine.
Our salvation doctrine is fine. However, I believe in the Premilleneum
Rapture and the 1000 year reign of Christ. Our Pastor is a very strong
advocate of Amillenium thought. This has caused a great deal of stress on
us. I have had 3 meetings with him and the last time we met he apologized
for being so condemning. My scriptural view is not about to change. My wish
is that he could leave enough space for this interpretation. I believe our
conference teaches his view but many of our members and lay people also
believe what I do. Is it necessary to leave our church and find another
where our understanding is also held by the Pastors?


I would encourage you to not make this
doctrine a point of fellowship..  If it is something the church leadership
requires to have fellowship that is a different problem.  The prophetic word
will have quite a few interpretations in respect to Christ's return,
rapture, the 1,000 years and it is important to be able to discuss these
without a break in fellowship.
The "amillenium" view comes by using an allegory for Rev. chapter 20.   This
dismisses some very important details of that chapter regarding Christ's
return.  It also destroys corrrect understand of many other passage, e.g.,
Isaiah has many chapters with details of earthly conditions during Christ's
reign.  What do we do with these?

 An allegory really says "there really is no tangible meaning to this".    I
would encourage you to not make this a "fight" however encourage the
"pastor" to consider the problems involved in allegorical interpretation.
It really causes them to back off from most prophetic teachings, probably
30% of all scripture.

 Some of my best friends are "allegorical" people I love and respect very
much.   However I tell them this doesn't make much sense.  Be careful.