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America in Bible prophecy


Do have any insight about what the Bible says about America in the end
times? A co-worker loaned me a tape by Jack van Impe who believes that
America is the Great Babylon. I've tried to do some reading and
haven't found anyone (yet) who agrees with Mr. van Impe. This is what
is so frustrating - different interpretations - from the same Spirit
of God? Where is His role when commentators or interpreters of the
Bible, who are supposed to be (I guess) men of god, can't agree? And
if they can't, why all this speculation that can cause confusion. I
thought God was not the author of confusion. If they don't really know
what God has to say, maybe they shouldn't say anything at all. Maybe a
simple, "I don't know" would be better than saying something that
might do more harm than good. Who can anyone trust to teach?


Bible prophecy centers around Israel. This means that most Bible 
prophecy refers to Israel's immediate neighbors: Egypt, Jordan, 
Syria, Iraq, Iran, Arabia, Lebanon, Russia, Europe.

Babylon in the Bible is used two ways: to refer to the ancient city 
in what is now Iraq, and in Revelation 17-18 we have "Mystery 
Babylon." The latter term sums up the entire culture of the world as 
religion, economics, politics, education, culture. The Babylonian 
mystery religion and cultural values of the ancient city founded by 
Nimrod now permeate every nation. Thus the destruction of Mystery 
Babylon means the fall of world civilization everywhere, at the time 
Christ returns.

The revived Roman Empire described in Daniel and Revelation consists, 
ultimately, of ten European nations. In a sense the U.S. is derived 
from Europe. But we are not located in and around the Mediterranean.

The U.S. is rapidly fading in power and influence and I do not think 
we will have a big role in the events of the end time. Ezekiel 38-29 
talks about fire (nuclear weapons?) raining down on Russia and "the 
coastlands." We may be one of the coastlands.

I do not consider very many well-known radio and TV preachers to be 
"great men of God," frankly. I am not impressed with most of them.

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